Thursday, February 16, 2012

OMG...EBay Haul on its way

Im back and I'm hotter than ever....I've been on eBay since 2005 (buying and selling) and I can tell you that I was beyond addicted. Well now I'm back on it and I'm loving it all over again.

I'm bidding and watching a few things. So once those are final I'll do a post of all the finds I got. So far I won 2 bids (1 Ralph Lauren blazer and another blazer from London Jean).

That's Sheer Awesomeness <3 I love shopping, but being frugal while I shop is the bomb diggity. Take it from a struggling nursing student like Moi.


  1. Girl i am in LOVE with ebay. 95%of my jewelry comes from their. i was thinking of making a post about how i actually shop from there. Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Kami from xoxo

    1. I don't blame you!!! Best way to go..Chic and fab but cheap. I'm on as we speak. Make your post. Ebay is the

      I subscribe to your page!! <3 Angie

  2. I've heard many things concerning ebay for many years. Lately, I've found myself browsing and seeking an iPad2 for a reasonable price.

  3. GIRL! Me too! I'm totally hooked on eBay, and it's my best kept secret. People don't give it enough credit, but little do they know, the outfits they compliment the most came oversees from my favorite eBay sellers! Can't wait for the haul doll. ;]